Wine Time In Chianti, Tuscany

My love for wine transcends continents. My love for wine has brought those that I love closer.

Somehow wine seems to connect everything together for me. Wine became a mother-daughter bonding experience when I lived in Temecula, California.

It was at this time that I enjoyed sipping a Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon with my mother in wine country. We had a lot of interesting conversations.

And then I met my husband, who is a wine lover himself, who grew up in wine country. He has a lot of particular tastes regarding wine, but I continue to learn so much from him every day.

So, it was only fitting that we spent our honeymoon in the rolling green hills of Tuscany.

Exploring Chianti country

I didn’t know much about Chianti Classico, except that I didn’t like it. I suppose all the Chianti wine bottles that I got in the USA – weren’t good or exciting to me.

So, when I arrived in Chianti country, I wasn’t expecting to like the wine. (Also as a side note, don’t tell the local italians that you don’t like Chianti when you’re in Chianti. They will take offense.)

On the first night in Chianti, we tried a bottle – and I was blown away. I’m officially a Chianti Classico lover and a lover of the Sangiovese grape.

Between the hills of Florence and Siena, the vineyards roll along in soft hills that go up and down. Chianti Classico can only be made in a very specific area in Tuscany.

It’s based on the Sangiovese grape, and for it to hold the name, the wine has to have at least 80% Sangiovese. You can identify it as a regional bottle – by looking for the black rooster, which I find kind of humorous as a label


Wine tasting

We tried a lot of wine. But these would be our favorite Chianti Classico and Chianti Classico Riserva bottles from the area.

San Felice Wine Estate — We tried this one, but I wouldn’t say that it was our favorite.

Villa a Sesta — The small village winery from Villa a Sesta, which was the place that we called home for a week.

Barone Ricasoli — We really like the Riserva bottle from this winery.

After a week of drinking wine, we were “wined out”, but that only leaves room for us to visit the region again (maybe a new one even).

And try more wineries.