Endless Beaches In Paleokastritsa Region, Corfu

It’s the steady rhythm of the ocean that calls me. There aren’t many things in life that give you pure calmness and serenity. For me, it seems to be the steady humming of the ocean. I experienced this beautiful moment on a recent trip to the Greek island of Corfu. It was here that we explored the Paleokastritsa region complete with it’s raw rocky cliffs, turquoise blue waters, and sweeping landscapes.

Where is the Paleokastritsa region?


Located on the rocky North, West coast of Corfu, this region is rather quiet part of the island in comparison to the North East that is full of resorts. This region is cast with small villages, farms, and small family holiday retreats.

You can make the drive to this region from Corfu City within one-hour. The area is known of its hiking, small coves, and hidden beach – only reachable by boat. Corfu is one of the rare places in Europe where you can rent a boat with not license. It’s really one of the best ways to see the island and explore.

The area is full of sea caves, hidden and remote beaches, and coves to go swimming around. We chose to rent the boast on the East coast of Corfu island, but if I was to return, this region would be the best boat trip.

The best views in the Paleokastritsa region

You’re driving the island of Corfu and you find yourself in this region of the island. You won’t lack amazing views to stop at and take a few pictures. We made many stops along the way, but these where my favorite places to snap a picture.

1. Porto Timoni Beach – a beautiful and secluded beach that you can find after a short hike down to the water.

2. Angelokastro – within a short drive you will find yourself at the end of the road and in front of an ancient Byzantine Castle. It made for some amazing views.

3. La Grotta Lounge and Pub – we were sad to find that the bar wasn’t open yet for the season. But the gate down to the cove was open, and it was a short decent to the sea. It was cute, secluded, and a nice place to catch some views.

We could’ve spent the week in the region exploring every cove and hidden beach. Where I enjoyed this area, I do believe that it is best explored by boat. That is the true experience – spending a day in the warm sun, on a boat, jumping off and going swimming, and exploring only what is reachable with one.

When you find yourself on Corfu island, make sure the this region is on your list. Paleokastritsa is a really beauty and one that isn’t to be missed!

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