5 Green Areas To Explore Around Berlin

Like many people during this last year, I’ve been traveling locally. Our confinement at home due to the global pandemic has encouraged us to travel within a few hours.

For me, this is both inspiring and exciting. If we can convince people the resourcefulness and beauty of there own local sights, maybe we can also convince them that it’s a more sustainable travel option? For your pocket book and the environment.

So exploring around Berlin this last year has been great for two reasons—first, it allows us to enjoy local sights and landmarks (Berlin really is phenomenal) and two, it allows us to be more sustainable. After eight months of exploring, these are my five favorite green areas around Berlin to explore. Some are accessible by train and others you might need a car. But all of them are an opportunity for you to escape the bustle of Berlin and to find serenity.

Green areas around Berlin

Nature has always brought me calmness and serenity. It’s what I like to do to reload, recharge, and to be inspired. So with that said, many of the locations I choose to explore around Berlin were green.

A fantastic reason for us to celebrate local nature.

#1 – Schloss Genshagen

If you don’t know, surrounding Berlin (and within the city limits) are small and sometimes large palaces. You have several to choose from with some being within the city limits. And others you have to drive further from the city center. I visited Schloß Genshagen at the brink of Fall. It’s a charming palace, fully renovated, and sitting within a beautiful park. It makes for a charming stroll in the sunshine!

Schloss Genshagen

#2 – Bäketal walking path & Havel

Berlin, Potsdam, and the greater Brandenburg area is full of lakes and rivers. These areas are of historical significance once connecting many towns and cities of eastern Germany. Still in function today and you can pay them a visit. The Bäketal is a nice walking path along the canal, and you can have a history lesson as you look at the canal locks.

#3 – Wanderweg am Liepnitzsee

It’s a bit further from Berlin, but it’s a beautiful lake round tour. If you like lakes and forests, this is a great spot to visit. In the summer, it’s even better, where you can enjoy a nice dip in the chilly water.

#4 – Rundwanderweg Eichwerder Moorwiesen

If you’re looking for a spot with a different view, this wildlife reserve offers a swampy area, a pond, and unique bird watching opportunities. Not too far from Berlin, and there are many trails around the reserve.

#5 – Glindower Alpen

This charming plateau and forest area is the furthest from Berlin. It’s worth the drive, because the city bustle is less here. It offers you a chance to breathe. Walk the woodland forest. Stroll the lake. Take in the view.

Ready for fresh air? Surrounding Berlin is beautiful forests, lakes, and rivers. Travel closer to home and enjoy sprints to the nearby nature to refresh and rejuvenate. It’s the perfect dose that you might just need for the busy work week ahead.

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