Hiking in the Eastern Bavarian Alps

I fell in love with Germany and Austria the first time I saw the Alps.

It was something about the snowcapped white peaks, blue skies, and ancient pine trees that created a calming and at home feeling.

Since I live in Berlin, we’re not surrounded by mountains.

It’s actually very flat, and the rumor is the only hill in Berlin is man made.

But I’m lucky to live in a country where I can hop on a train or make a six-hour drive and enter a different landscape.

And that is exactly the motivation behind our trip to the Eastern German Alps. Fresh air. Mountains. And hiking.

We stayed in the charming town of Aschau im Chiemgau.

I had no clue about this tiny village in Bavaria and that it would be like a painted picture.

Imagine a small Bavarian farming village sitting in the middle of a valley. Surrounded by mountains. Cowbells chiming. And acres of dark green forests.

We spent two days hiking in the surrounding area of Aschau im Chiemgau.

With so many trails; honestly, we could have spent weeks hiking the various trails.

But after 20,000 step days and bad hiking shoes, I had enough and ready to go home.

The last day of our trip was dedicated to the famed lake of Königssee—and Nationalpark Berchtesgaden.

Absolutely breathtaking and the Instagram photographs of this location honestly will never do it justice.

With COVID-19 this year, we’ve decided to keep our travels close to home, and I’m actually very excited about this.

Every time I travel around Germany, I’m reminded again of why I fell in love with this country. It’s beautiful. It’s charming. And it’s full of adventure.

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