About Me

Megan thudium
I'm a B2b content marketing strategist and marketing mentor for entrepreneurs.

Like a lot of entrepreneurs, my business journey started as a kid.

At ten years old, I sold the UPS delivery guy in my parent’s small business on the “fine-crafted and inspiring” art piece of a misshapen airplane.

He bought the hideous thing off me for 50 cents, and without realizing it, set me on the career path I’d ride for the next 20+ years. (Maybe I should send that guy a thank you card?)

My creative spirit was very clearly coming through at a young age, but my passion for content marketing came only with experience and a lot of self-discovery.

As I grew up, I wasn’t just discovering and expanding on my creativity; I was figuring out how much I also loved helping people.

I found myself often playing the role of a listening ear. The friend’s supporter. And the person to help craft a game plan to make things achievable.

Unsurprisingly, all of these things act as the foundation for how I serve clients in my agency and mentor entrepreneurs today.

In my work, I offer consulting on how to accelerate digital growth through quality organic marketing strategies and provide mentorship to marketers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs like you in the womxn freelancer network & academy, Freelancing Womxn.

You can find me sharing free marketing tips and advice regularly on social media and soon on the B2B Content Corner podcast. I also love to hit the speaking stage with past talks at Truth Talk Berlin and Future Females Berlin.

Ready to build out a remote business or gain high-level visibility? I’ve got the tools and proven strategies to help you get there.

“Remember, ideas are just the beginning. It’s the strategy and execution that catapults a creative thought into something real.”

Want the power of a full content marketing agency? I offer that too!

In 2019, I combined my entrepreneurial spirit with marketing and consultancy to found my content agency, MTC | The Content Agency.

I saw a need for quality B2B content marketing to serve native-English audiences from Germany and started MTC to fill the void.

Our talented remote team supports forward-thinking brands in the software and environmental technology industries and has helped multiple German (and European) B2B brands dominate the native-English markets.