4 Countries You Can Explore For Free

4 Countries You Can Explore For Free

When you first read the title of this blog post, I’m sure you become excited. When we dream of exploring the world, money becomes a quick reality checker. I’ve learned from experience, traveling is just as enjoyable on a large budget as on a small budget. Each experience brings something unique and memorable to the experience. However, what if I could tell you that you can have a unique and memorable experience on a next-to-nothing budget. It’s possible. If you’re a native-English speaker, I have the perfect solution for your next trip abroad. FOUR COUNTRIES YOU CAN EXPLORE FOR FREE

The answer is simple. Becoming more popular, English immersion programs can be found across Europe, providing you with the opportunity to travel abroad cheap and engage in cross-cultural experiences. The monetary contribution on your side is the round trip airplane ticket, and the accommodation before and after the program. During the program, your transportation, accommodation and food is completely paid for. Does that sound pretty good? If that doesn’t convince you, the experience opens doors for new travel experiences. You’ll engage with individuals across cultures, share meaningful conversations and joke about cultural stereotypes.

These are four countries that you can visit through English immersion programs:


It’s the land of bratwurst and beer. Through the Diverbo EnglischHausen program, you will experience a week in several resorts around Germany enjoying nature, amazing food and great beer. The German culture is intuitive and meaningful, especially after a week of intensive interaction. I have done this program once in the beautiful mountains of south Germany. I left the experience with new friends, meaningful connections and stories. I also enjoyed exploring a local castle and walking the green forests.


Also with Diverbo, experience another side of Spain with the PuebloIngles program . Again, you will have several venues to choose from, and each experience will be unique. With this program, escape into the northern mountains of Spain and interact with smiling, lively and hilarious Spaniards. You’ll experience plenty of hilarious jokes and cultural moments. Don’t forget to ask for a coffee with milk, not a cappuccino.


SPEAK is new program on my radar, but I’m equally excited about it. The structure of the program appears very similar to Diverbo, but with this program, you can escape into the hills of Tuscany and sip Italian wine. I believe that is good enough reason to apply.


Poland has been on my travel list for the last year for several reasons. It’s culturally diverse, the landscape is beautiful and it’s relatively “unknown” by the rest of Europe. Does it sound like a good escape? The Angloville program provides a much larger experience with programs for adults, children and young teens. The summer months are particularly busy, offering many opportunities to enjoy the culture and food of Poland.

Attending one of these programs is the perfect way to explore a new country on a budget, experience a new travel moment and walk away with lifelong memories. I’m already trying to work these four programs into my 2017 and 2018 travel plans, and I think you should try to also. If you’re still not convinced, read this detailed blog post I wrote about my experience with PeubloIngles.

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