4 Colorful Neighborhoods In Lisbon

4 Colorful Neighborhoods In Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal has been on my ‘must see’ list since its bright, colorful photos first began to appear in my Instagram feed. There’s something about the small, alley roads and tile designs that cover Lisbon which makes it so special. This photographer was drooling over the photos, so when I had the opportunity to take a week trip to Lisbon, I jumped on it.

Lisbon is known for its seven hills of elegant beauty. Between these hills lie charming neighborhoods of peeling paint, bright colors and old grandmothers listening to classical music. The daily life vibe in these areas are relaxing and quiet. This was perfect for the summer holiday that I was looking for.

When you visit Lisbon, expect to walk. It’s hilly – hello seven hills – but walking is the best way to see the side streets and little hidden places. Everything is downhill towards the water, so I’ve been making a habit of walking downhill in the mornings when it cool, and taking the public transportation back uphill when it’s hot in the afternoons. This digital nomad has to work at some point.

When you plan your walking tour, make sure these four colorful neighborhoods are on your list.


This area is iconic, because in the middle sits the Castello or fortress. The neighborhood is up and down hills, little side streets and quiet restaurants on the sidewalks. Expect many tourists in this area, but it’s a must see, because of the beautiful view it gives of Lisbon.


A very quiet area where you can escape the tourists. It’s easy to become lost in the side streets. My suggestion is to stay away from the larger roads, and always travel the back roads.

Avenidas Novas

A bit outside of the tourist hub – which is why I like it – this was the area that I stayed for the week in my hostel. The area was more modern, but a great place full of restaurants, young families and safe locations. The water was easily accessible by metro and bus from this location, and I recommend picking your accommodation in this area.

Bairro Alto

By far, this was my favorite neighborhood in Lisbon. It’s beautiful, colorful and great for a morning stroll. It’s also a wonderful area full of hostels and bars. It’s hippy and trendy. At the top of the district, a view from Miracouro de Sao is a must see. My favorite coffee shop in the area was The Mill.

Lisbon didn’t disappoint. It was the perfect summer escape to a colorful and charming destination. On your visit, walk these beautiful four neighborhoods to experience the real Lisbon.

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